Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) forced roll out of 5G wireless technology forces cell tower transceivers in front of every 2 -12 homes emitting more high density, high frequency wireless Radio Frequency (RF) Millimeter Wave (MMW) and Microwave Radiation (MWR) ( … 24Ghz – 90Ghz … ).

Wireless radiation is proven harmful. Cancers, neurological diseases, immune system disorders, and infertility will increase near 5G transceivers (google: 5G Scientist Appeal). Decades of studies show RF Radiation has sub-thermal biological effects below current guidelines (google: Naval Medical Research Institute 1972).

1996 Telecommunications Act section 704 is used to ban you and local governments from considering your health and safety in cell transceiver placements near your home. Why would they ban looking at health effects if there were no health effects?

We’re allowing industry controlled FCC to microwave poison our children, families, homes, workplaces … (google: microwave sickness webster’s). We must stop deployment of these deadly 5G cell tower transceivers (google: press democrat Verizon antennas). Enough’s Enough!

Big wireless, Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, their lobby group, industry captured FCC, Senator Thune must be held responsible for suffering, disease, and death they have caused as a result of wireless radiation exposure (Google: FCC Captured Agency Harvard).

25 million dollar US National Toxicology Program study & Ramazzini Institute study show clear evidence wireless radiation can cause cancer below FCC exposure guidelines. There is a safe alternative to 5G. Fiber optics run all the way to the home offers much faster speeds, cyber security, privacy and avoids harmful wireless microwave millimeter waves, but with 5G, wireless companies collect personal data and sell it. There’s a new two party system: Representatives representing corporate interests and those representing the public’s interest. I represent the public’s interest and swear to protect the health and well-being of all Washingtonians.

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