R.C. Smith Candidate for US Senate


I will protect the constitutional rights of every Citizen beginning with the fight to stop the rollout of the new wireless technology 5G and the Internet of Things which will require and force a cell tower transmitter in front of every 2-12 homes emitting Carcinogenic, Neurotoxic, Genotoxic, high density, high frequency wireless Microwave Radio Frequency Radiation (24Ghz – 90Ghz) without your notification, without your permission, without you having any say, and with no legal way for you to stop it (Google: FCC Streamlining Order).

5G and IoT violates our most basic rights as Americans. 5G is a Federal impingement on our local property owner’s rights. It violates our rights to privacy as these transmitters are designed to collect information about what happens in your home to be sold to the highest bidder (Google: Spy Fridge) and (Google: IoT Roomba Farm). 5G violates our right to protect our families and loved ones as we have CLEAR EVIDENCE that wireless radiation can cause Cancer, DNA Damage, Neurological Disorders, Immune System Dysfunction and Damage Human Fertility ($25 million U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Toxicology Program study – Google: Action NTP March Review).

Released last week a very large Ramazzini Institute Study (Google: Microwave News Coincidence) confirmed the results of the NTP study, that is wireless can cause cancer below our current FCC safety guidelines at levels 60-1500 times lower than the levels tested in the NTP study. Importantly, this study was designed specifically to look at cell tower radiation exposures. See my website for additional studies you can download and expert medical doctor and scientist testimonies regarding the Dangers of 5G.

Studies have shown for decades that RF Radiation has sub-thermal biological effects below our current FCC guidelines (Google: Naval Medical Research Institute 1972).

5G violates our most basic civil and human rights and needs to be stopped (180 Medical Doctors and Scientists Demand a Moratorium on 5GGoogle: 5G Scientist Appeal). If you have symptoms of microwave sickness: headaches, dizziness, mental confusion, heart palpitations, tingling in extremities, body aches, nosebleeds, difficulty sleeping etc. when you are near wireless transmitters please contact us (Google: Microwave Sickness). If you would like to become involved in pushing back against the rollout of 5G and Internet of Things contact us.

The wireless companies, must be held responsible for the suffering, disease, and death they have already caused as a result of wireless radiation exposure (Google: FCC Captured Agency Harvard).

In addition, I will fight for your right to be able to Get To Work and support a robust economy with a massive expansion of Freeways, Light Rail and Roads. I will fight for your child’s right to a Quality Education ensuring that the most highly trained and qualified lead our classrooms. I will fight for more funding for police officers to patrol our neighborhoods and get back to Neighborhood Policing.

I swear to protect the health, well being and prosperity of every Citizen.


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