We need to keep our families and homes safe.


Wireless Radiation Safety

Due to the dangers of wireless radiation exposure, We Need a Moratorium on the Roll Out of 5G and The Internet of Things and the Cell Tower Transmitters it requires every 2-10 homes.

This Forced Roll Out of  5G Violates our Basic Rights to privacy as the personal information collected about our homes is collected by these transmitters in front of our home and sold for profit.  It violates our right to protect our private property as these transmitters are placed without our notification and it violates our right to due process as these transmitters are placed exempt from health, safety or environmental review.  It violates our right to protect the health and well being of our families.

The Profits of ONE Industry are being put Above Our Right to Protect our Families, Neighborhoods and Communities. The wireless industry and industry controlled FCC have gone too far for too long.


We Need to Invest in all Types of Transportation and Build more Freeways, Roads, Light Rail. If we really want to reduce our automobile emissions let’s cut our rush hour from 4 hours back down to 1 hour by building the infrastructure we have not built for decades to get our residents to work. We are wasting valuable worker productivity sitting on freeways–STUCK in traffic. Enough excuses.

Workforce & Education

For a Strong Workforce, We Need a Well Educated Work Force.  We need to invest in teacher salaries to attract the best the State has to offer. We need to reduce class size dramatically. We have too many kids in every classroom. We need to get teachers back to the job of teaching and less focused on classroom management. This has to change for our children to succeed.

Police & Safety

For Business and Communities to Flourish, We Need Safe Communities. We need more funding for the police officer on the street and get back to neighborhood policing.

We Have a Safe Alternative to 5G Wireless Transmitters with Fiber Optic Run All the Way to the Home like they are doing in Chattanooga, Tennessee and other cities.

Fiber offers speeds up to 10,000 times faster than wireless, far superior cyber security; of course no harmful wireless microwave/millimeter wave radiation. Optical Fiber will protect your personal data as routers will be located inside your home under your control rather than 5G transmitters in front of your home controlled by wireless companies.

Senators and Congressional representatives need to steer the wireless industry to the Superior and far Safer Solution-Fiber Optic to the home.

Vote for a Healthier and Safer Washington State!
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